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"…something that’s set in Toronto has to be true to the fact that

it’s just a city full of characters."

- Eli Speigel

We’ve all been there - a new and strange thing is happening to your body and you're concerned about it. Now everything and everyone else in your life exists solely as an unwelcome distraction from your unproductive obsessing. This is the story of Stain, a new short film by Toronto-based director, editor and videographer Eli Speigel. We got to chat with Eli about the film’s wonderfully absurd premise, phenomenal cast and crew of local talents and about finding new platforms to distribute short films online during lockdown in the interview above.

Stain will be premiering on November 6th, 2020 on Beyond the Short, then shortly after on Film Shortage and Kino London’s Short of the Week. We definitely recommend you check it out, as well as some of Eli’s other amazing work, including the recently released short documentary Tarana Ding Dong (about trying to uncover the identity of a strange DIY magazine's anonymous author) and the trailer for his upcoming feature-length film Plains (a cinema-verite exploration into the lives of two VR game developers living in a remote fishing town in Nova Scotia).

Eli Speigel would like to thank the people that made Stain possible: The film's cast of Miles Campbell, Sabrina White, Aidan O'Loughlin, Faraz Niafattah, Carley Thorne, Andrew Merrigan, Jackson Rowe & Hanif Jetha; Co-Producer Matt Horvat; Director of Photography Brad Cherry; Danielle Racine who did the score; Colourist Jason Zukowski at Red Lab & many others. Be sure to check out the other great work by these talented people!

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Posted: 11.05.20

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