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“Technology is absolutely fuelled by our emotional understanding and relationship to it.”

- Noelle Perdue

Fearing the A.I. take-over is passé! It’s time to talk about the positives of a world with advanced technology; the kind you can play with, confide in and… maybe more? This week, we talked with Noelle Perdue, who explores the intersection of technology and intimacy in her writing, as well as the foibles and uncanny beauty of A.I. through hypnotic, GAN generated art.

If quarantine’s got you feeling particularly isolated, we recommend you check out Noelle’s article “Chatbots and the Loneliness Epidemic: When AI is more than just a friend” - and maybe download Replika for the artificially intelligent companion you never knew you needed?! If virtual encounters with remote IRL friends and partners is more your thing, we can direct you to her other recently published article “How to Sext Safely” about how to have digitally protected intimate encounters online. Of course, if you’re just wondering what sort of person would have a generative adversarial network try to create hypothetical cakes, be sure to follow Noelle Perdue on Instagram and Twitter for art, tech, humour and more!

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Posted: 01.20.21



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