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"For us, it's always been about shifting people's
mindsets when it comes to shopping."

- Savana Salloum

It’s getting harder and harder to find wonderful pieces for your home that aren’t mass produced. There’s nothing quite like that sinking feeling of getting the perfect piece after hours of looking and then someone on your next zoom call mentions that they have the exact same piece from a wholesaler on Amazon. Or worse, they mention that they were going to pick up the same piece, but realized it had less-than-ideal ethics behind it. 

Heartly to the rescue! Brenda and Savana Salloum have put together a collection of small-batch, slow-made goods and accessories that will fill that special place in your home or wardrobe while being truly one-of-a-kind and ethically produced, so you can feel truly good about it. From tea towels to jewelry, Heartly has curated a diverse selection of goods from makers across Canada, giving you a way to brighten up your life and learn about the process and philosophy behind these gorgeous goods.


While Heartly is an online retailer, if you happen to be in Toronto, you can also pay a visit to their beautiful downtown location to get a good look at these items before you decide if you’ll be giving them a forever home!

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Posted: 08.04.21



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