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"A much easier way for people to absorb

what's happening is through a story"

- Amelie Edwards

During lockdown (and most of the rest of the time), reading the news can leave you feeling like the last sane person in a world gone mad. At those times, it’s important to remember that it could always get worse! That’s precisely when London-based actor Amelie Edwards’ new 15 minute audio drama takes place - when it’s gotten worse, much worse. 5 Years From Now, which was written, produced and performed by Amelie (as a BBC New Creative and with support from Arts Council England and BBC Arts), follows the very people who saw all the warning signs but had to wait until the very last minute before being allowed to do anything about it. 5 Years From Now includes the voice acting talents of Komal Amin, Foss Shepherd, Omar Khan and William E. Lester, was co-directed by Natalia Hinds and features cover art by Guri Bosh. It’s a bleak, yet extremely charming production that serves as one of those “I told you so”s that’s harder to say than it is to hear - and, we might add, an absolute must-listen for those who want to feel heard about their dread of climate change.

While this project was produced well before the current stay-at-home reality hit, in the interview above, Branden got to chat with Amelie about the process of picking up into distribution during a global pandemic and the ways working from home has opened up new possibilities for her as a creator. Beyond 5 Years From Now, Amelie is always involved in a ton of wonderful and varied projects, from films to podcasts to audio books and more! You can learn more about her recent projects and keep up with future ones by following her on instagram @amelieedwards.

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Posted: 04.08.21



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