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"With Fried Barry...there're no rules."

- Ryan Kruger

Have you burned a hole through your streaming services? Looking for an exciting new film to rock your darn socks right the heck off? Well, you’re in luck: the highly anticipated and award-winning South African film Fried Barry is set to have it’s Canadian premiere next week through the Fantasia Film Festival and this year, there’s no need to stand in line for rush tickets. Instead, for just $8.00, you can beam this psychedelically funny, action-packed, alien-possessed horror romp through Cape Town directly into your home. In the 7 minute interview above, Branden got to talk with Director Ryan Kruger and Producer James C. Williamson about the unconventional making of the film, the virtual festival tour they’ve been on and the absurdly wonderful shorts on their social media (be sure to follow @friedbarrymovie for all the grade-A content).

After watching the interview, do yourself a favour and check out the trailer for Fried Barry and then grab yourself a ticket at Fantasia Festival’s website for on-demand streaming of the film from August 20th - September 2nd. Only then will you understand why Branden has a such a goofy grin on his face.

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Posted: 08.12.20


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