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"I think [lockdown] has inspired a lot."

- Doralynn Mui

Have you been wondering how the young actors of the world are coping with the changes in the entertainment industry? Because we sure have! That’s why we got on a Zoom with Vancouver-based actor Doralynn Mui. You’ve likely seen her before in shows like Deadly Class, The 100, CBC’s The Romeo Section and CW’s hit series Riverdale, as well as films like Adventures in Public School and The Perfection. We got to talk to Doralynn about some of her upcoming projects, what she’s been up to during lockdown and how COVID has changed the world of tv and film.

If you want to see Doralynn doing her thing right now, we recommend you check out the short film she starred in called Bunny Man, which after a successful festival run just became available to watch online! It’s probably best if you don’t keep reading for a synopsis and just watch it right now.

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Posted: 08.19.20



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