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"A collection of hand-embroidered goods made in a tiny Toronto studio."


We’ve all been there… a stranger’s accessory catches your eye and you have to ask “where did you get that?” Typically, this goes one of two ways. In the first case, it’s from a fast fashion chain and suddenly, you’re seeing it everywhere you go. In the second case, you and the stranger know, seconds into their response, that you will never have this item because even if you did have plans to visit Sweden, you will never find that back alley boutique or, sadder yet, it’s one of a kind. The tragedy here isn’t that the thing you want doesn’t exist or you can’t find it; it’s that you don’t have someone like Jamie Ranger to make it for you - yet. 


Jamie will make you that exquisitely-accessorized stranger. Her references and stylistic choices are on point and when you order a custom piece from her, she’ll make sure yours are too. She graduated as the medal winner in the Criticism and Curatorial Practice program at OCAD University, which is not intended to qualify her work by any institutional standard, so much as to illustrate how she kills it at everything. She’s toured the galleries, she’s read Baudrillard and she can hang a thoughtful and stylish exhibition, but she’s chosen to apply her keen eye to making a unique and thematically/aesthetically realized series of work that you will actually enjoy. Whether it’s a patch, pin, t-shirt, beanie or tote bag, she will translate your interests and ideas into an object that screams “yes, I do live in Toronto” and “yes, I am over it”, so succinctly that you won’t be able to walk through the Junction without telling at least a couple people “it’s from Little Bitch Club.” 


Since summer 2019, Jamie has expanded her practice with a side project, “Lone Appetite”, where she explores her passion for cooking and illustration with “kitchen knowledge posters, illustrated recipes, kitchen decor and fun food zines.” The content here is genuinely aspirational (please let the record show that Jamie is a very responsible adult), but not in a holier-than-thou way. Likewise, Little Bitch Club has also expanded, with new output in the homewares category (ie. pillows, upcycled glass jars, maybe even some groovy shag rugs in the future?) and with a new member, Jamie’s rescue dog and littlest bitch, Bertie. You may come for the adorable dog content alone, but you will stay for the art. Follow @little_bitch_club and @lone_appetit on instagram to see all the incredible things Jamie Ranger is working on and visit her site or slide on into her DMs to get your own one of a kind, handmade piece.

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