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"Glasshouse is a lush and sensuous, but also gripping film that patiently unravels its mysteries right up until the revelatory and satisfying conclusion."

- Emily Austin

It’s no surprise that in 2021, we’re already starting to see plenty of films come out that speak to the pandemic/lockdown situation we’ve all been living through for the past year and a half. Many go for the easy, relatable approach that makes us all feel a little less crazy in our cooped-up state, but a few dig deep and connect to some of the larger themes of our time as well. Glasshouse was one of the latter and had us ruminating days after watching it, so we were really excited to get to chat with the women who made it, Kelsey Egan (writer/director) and Emma Lungiswa De Wet (Writer/Associate Producer).

In the above interview, we discussed the writing and production process of Glasshouse, the film’s response to the “post-truth” era and the forthcoming projects we can look forward to from Kelsey, Emma and the South African film industry as a whole! We could’ve talked for hours about this film, on topics ranging from the flimsiness of post-colonial narratives to how studios under-estimate the intelligence of movie-going audiences and rarely green-light multi-film slates of original content by emerging, visionary talents. However, we hope that this conversation gives you a sense of the intelligence and craft behind Glasshouse, which you must look out for once it becomes more widely available. In the meanwhile, be sure to follow Kelsey Egan and Emma Lungiswa De Wet on instagram - you are not going to want to miss what they do next!

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Posted: 09.01.21



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